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Cardi B Cuts Her OnlyFans Subscription Price In Half: “I’m Bringing It Down”

Written By Angie Dare

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New York rapper Cardi B is looking out for her fans. The hip-hop star has come through to announce plans to drop her OnlyFans premium subscription service price down

Cardi B’s OnlyFans Discount

Heading into Wednesday, B went to her Twitter page to announce her new deal. Instead of going for a double-digits price, Cardi decided to cut the price in half.

“Ummm I did not know my onlyfans was charging ten dollars …I’m bringing it down to 4.99.Ya spend too much on vinyls and my merch coming next week … How the f*ck I go live on onlyfans? Wtfff” -Cardi B’s Twitter

Cardi B’s OnlyFans discount will save you some serious money.

High-Key Details

Recently, Cardi hit up her Twitter page to break a massive OnlyFans partnership announcement. However, she said the page would be primarily dedicated to addressing rumors and gossip. It’s worth noting B deleted the headline-generating tweet hours later.

“I’m doing a partnership with only fans. Every time some1 start a rumor I will be addressing it there ….. what else should I post besides rumors and behind the scenes? Maybe a video of me cleaning my home with my nails?” -Cardi B’s Twitter

Cardi B’s OnlyFans announcement comes with a string attached.

Prior to announcing a new Meg Thee Stallion “Wap” single, fans reached out to her asking if the OnlyFans announcement was the breaking news she had for Monday.

Wait, There’s More

Recently, vixen Rubi Rose went to her Twitter page to speak big facts about her steamy OnlyFans account finally helping level out the playing field for men and women. Rose also went the extra mile to encourage more women to embrace the OnlyFans gold mine.

“men get paid higher than women in almost every field of work. Onlyfans gave females a platform to capitalize off what god gave em. idgaf what a n*gga gotta say… run it up queen … It’s sexy as f*ck when a b*tch about her money” -Rubi Rose’s Twitter

Rubi Rose addresses 50 Cent and other men hating on her OnlyFans grind.

Before You Go

In July 2020, G-Unit boss 50 Cent went to his socials and didn’t hold back on trolling OnlyFans women. Fifty shared a twerking clip from a vixen and made a statement about the type of people signing up for OnlyFans.

“👀wait so only fans means retarded hoe’s? 🤷🏽‍♂️Im trying to keep up with the slang guys. no 🧢😟 … i just figured it out she is training, for a top secret mission. 😟” -50 Cent’s Instagram

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Written by Angie Dare

SOHH.com Writer. Likely to see me covering the latest gossip and rumors in hip-hop. Barbz and Bardi Gang unite.

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