New York rapper Cardi B has some serious explaining to do. The hip-hop star has social media’s full attention after showing off a jaw-dropping new neck tattoo cover up.

Cardi x Cover-Up

This week, Cardi shared a before and after comparison of her new ink. Her old tattoo, which displayed the name “Samuel” written in cursive, has been mostly covered up by a butterfly.

“I never showed ya my cover tatt …What ya think ?” -Cardi B’s Twitter

High-Key Details

Social media almost immediately erupted in response with mass confusion as to who Samuel was. Some speculated it was an ex-boyfriend she had before blowing up in the music biz.

Wait, There’s More

B is a genius at creating buzz without putting out music. The hip-hop superstar went online last week to share footage of herself jumping into a pool decked out in an entire business outfit.

“I DONT GIVE A F*CK” -Cardi B’s Instagram

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Cardi B jumps into a pool fully dressed

Before You Go

Last Thursday, Cardi went online with some extra choice words. She spoke about lies people had connected her to and cleared the air about what’s really going on with the Internet trying to cancel her.

“Hey guys so let me tell you about the life of the celebrity, because this type of s*it, the type of dumb sh*t I have to go through, so I woke up at 2AM, I’ve been really busy because I’m working. Then I’m seeing ‘Cardi B is over party’ on Twitter and I’m like what the f*ck did I do now? I’m like I’ve been minding my business and eating my food and I’m seeing people starting this crazy rumor that I have a fake Instagram where I’m talking about like, this girl that everybody knows we have issues, Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Megan, and supposedly Lil’ Kim commented under the page. Tokyo, my sister. My makeup artist followed the page. And I see the page is private, and I look and nobody follows the page. I’m not a 15-year-old girl. I have a whole life, a kid. Just to feed my kid, it takes me 35 minutes. It takes me like an hour to bathe her and do her hair. And then do my own thing. And I don’t have time to do sh*t like that. And I love Lil’ Kim. By the way, my friends have seen it’s a lie.”

“My cancel party story. So people made this ridiculous lie of me on twitter.Im glad I pulled up all the receipts and DEBUNKED ALL OF IT .Its crazy the time and energy people put to try to destroy you but this was JUST RIDICULOUS πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜©It proves to me tho that I intimidate anybody that has any hate towards me that they will find any possible way to break me .YOU CANT BREAK ME ! Bring up my past and everything I said YOU CANT BREAK ME .I WILL BE HERE ! I will not run away from social media ,I will not be discouraged of my work .”