It’s safe to say Cardi B has money to blow. New speculation has developed about the hip-hop superstar revealing how much she makes from live performances.

According to reports, Cardi tossed up a since-deleted Instagram post this week showing off her concert rates.

Last weekend, Cardi unleashed a must-like throwback pic of herself, Ed Sheeran and Camila Cabello.

A few days ago, Sheeran released a lyric video to their new “South of the Border” single.

Sheeran and Cabello trade verses — him singing about “brown eyes, caramel thighs” and her calling out those “green eyes, givin’ me signs” as she flows from English to Spanish — on the flirtatious track that’s topped off with a bridge by Cardi B. (Cabello’s already announced that Cardi’s contribution to the song “is literally my favorite thing.”) (Billboard)