[With fans gearing up for CNN’s long-awaited “Lessons” album, N.O.R.E.’s partner in rhymes Capone talks to SOHH about putting together the collaborative effort.]

The thing about us is we’re brothers first. CNN breakup? We’re not your average rap group that can break up.

We’re actually, literally, family. His kids are literally my blood cousins. So it’s not like we can break up.

A lot of artists that break up, they don’t speak to each other, “Oh, I haven’t spoken to such-and-such for years.” That’s not us. Sometimes he wants to do him and sometimes I want to do me.

But really, we’ve never taken a hiatus off of music. We were always working like, “I’m going to send you this record.” But at this point, we were like, “Let’s both go in.”

That’s what the streets wanted, so we wanted to give them that and that’s what we wanted and as a team and friends, the best part of being us is being so different, once we get in the studio, we’re like one in the same.

It’s actually like we never left.

So, this album felt like we never stopped recording. At the end of the day, we make mixtapes, we do things – we hang out together, we do regular stuff together that at times even when we’re not making music, we’re still together.

CNN’s “Lessons” arrives Friday, July 24.

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