CNN’s Capone has come forward to address accusations made by Mobb Deep’s Prodigy in his new book, My Infamous Life, claiming he testified in court against Havoc‘s brother years ago.

Sending a warning shot, Capone lashed at Prodigy in a new video.

“I’m talking to you, p*ssy P,” Capone said. “Karrine Steffans…F*ck is wrong with you? Look where I’m at. Look where I’m at. What you want me to do, walk around this b*tch? I ain’t got to prove to you I’m from QB or my n*ggas hold me down in my hood, n*gga. I’ll be in this b*tch dolo, n*gga, on a beach chair before anything happen to me in my motherf*cking hood n*gga. Let me tell you something. N*ggas don’t rat on my side. Listen man, you a f*cking f*ggot. But at the end of the day, I ain’t even gonna call you all that because we got a lot of things in store for you. This is just the beginning. Act I.” (Forbez DVD)

Prodigy claims Capone previously took the stand to testify against Havoc’s brother.

“I can’t tell you why he did it, or why he said what he said afterwards, but all I can tell you is that really happened. I was thinking when I was writing it like, “Oh he’s going to take some offense to this.” But when I think about it, this is a story that really happened, so I’m not going to leave out something that’s part of my life story, something of major significance that happened, just because he’s going to be upset about it. Like, dude you should be upset about what you did, not that I’m telling my life story. [Laughs.] So that’s why I put the shit in there, because it’s just crazy that he did that. I didn’t write it in my book trying to target him, or “I’ve got beef, f*ck him,” or trying to ruin his career. It ain’t nothing like that. If he feels some type of way about it, basically he needs to take that up with the man in the mirror.” (Complex)

Last week, CNN’s N.O.R.E. spoke out in defense of Capone.

“[Prodigy’s] trying to sell his book, so he threw in a couple jabs,” he explained in an interview. “Capone’s a grown man. I wasn’t there. But if that was the case, then why are there seven Mobb Deep and Capone-N-Noreaga records that exist. If a dude snitched on my man, I ain’t hanging with him, let alone getting in the studio with him.” (Power 105.1)

Despite being on better terms these days, Prodigy reveals his past issues with N.O.R.E. in the autobiography.

“One night that winter, Hav and I were on the block with Karate Joe, Gotti, Nitty, Trip, this kid we called Bill Cosby, and this other kid Johnny. Havoc started flipping out, saying he heard Tragedy was f——g with his lady Shawna on the low and he wanted to step to Tragedy about it. We all walked over to Capone’s building next door where Tragedy, Capone, and N.O.R.E. hung out. Hav knocked on Capone’s door and asked him to tell Tragedy to come outside. Tragedy came out with N.O.R.E. and Capone. “What’s up, man, you f——g with Shawna?” Hav asked. Tragedy said it wasn’t true but Hav wasn’t trying to hear it. “I know you f——g with Shawna, stop lying!” Hav punched Tragedy in the face and knocked him down. While he was getting back up, Karate Joe warned Tragedy, “You better not hit him back!” Hav punched Tragedy and knocked him down again while we surrounded them, watching. N.O.R.E. was getting nervous seeing the n—a who he thought had strength in QB getting his ass beat–he was worried he was gonna be next. So he reached for his gun, pulled it out, and shot one bullet at the ground in between all of us.” (My Infamous Life)

Check out Capone’s video below: