Less than 48 hours after rap veteran Canibus shocked the hip-hop world by whipping out a notepad during a recorded hip-hop battle, a slew of reactions from Freddie Gibbs, Phonte, Saigon and more have appeared.

Indiana native Freddie Gibbs poked fun at the rapper’s loss and possible end of his career.

“canibus will rap for food,” Gibbs tweeted June 10th. (Freddie Gibbs’ Twitter)

North Carolina rap veteran Phonte compared Canibus’ move to when rapper Drake freestyled off his BlackBerry back in 2009.

“Drake’s Blackberry freestyle >>>>>>> Canibus’ notepad freestyle,” he tweeted. (Phonte’s Twitter)

Tha Alkaholiks’ J-Ro also grilled Can-i-bus over his notepad rap.

“If Canibus was smart he would come out with his own line of notepads now…,” he tweeted. (J-Ro’s Twitter)

West Coast rapper Luckyiam waved good-bye to Canibus’ battle rap career.

“”R.I.P Boxing & Canibus as a battle rapper,” he wrote. (Luckyiam’s Twitter)

Following the battle, New York rapper Saigon questioned Canibus’ talent.

“I felt sorry for Manny until I seen that Canibus battle on Worldstar….. Damn homie !!!,” he tweeted.

“I see alot of people saying Canibus is a Legend, Im not dusputing it at all cause I dont know..I just wanna know why and how? No hate” (Saigon’s Twitter)

The notepad made fellow New York rapper Talib Kweli scratch his head in confusion.

“Is mercury in retrograde or something? Just watched Canibus pull out a notepad during a battle. It truly disturbed me!,” he tweeted.

“I rarely get confused. But I can’t front right now I’m confused.”

“RT @jussGOOGLEit: @TalibKweli what is such a brilliant person like yourself so confused about? #thenotebook”

“Now I got that damn Cartman Trapper Keeper song stuck in my head. I don’t wanna let…To the tune of the theme of Dawsons Creek”

“F*ck trap rap it’s about trapper keeper rap in 2012” (Talib Kweli’s Twitter)

Producer Alchemist got an up-close view of the battle and signaled the end of Canibus’ career.

“Canibus and boxing died on the same night,” he tweeted.

“None of the clips ive seen yet are equivalent to what it was like watching Canibus vs Diz live. It was like being on the set of a snuff film” (Alchemist’s Twitter)

Comedian Affion Crockett could not help but laugh at the rapper’s notepad rap.

“I apologize to @Drake for spoofing his blackberry freestyle.. becuz this CANIBUS NOTEPAD ish made HISTORY tonite. #sadFAN,” he tweeted.

“Diz showed big respect at the end. He’s right, many of us quoted Canibus bars back in the day..” (Affion Crockett’s Twitter)

Check out Canibus’ battle rap below: