Canibus Blames Kidnapping For Losing Rap Battle, “I Was Abducted By Human Blood Sucking Leeches”

Written By S. Samuel

New York rapper Canibus has finally stepped forward to address driving the Internet nuts last weekend by pulling out a notepad as a last resort in a broadcast rap battle.

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Rather than face the facts, Can-i-bus claimed outside circumstances prior to the battle messed him up.

“A few days before the KOTD Vendetta event, I was abducted by human blood sucking leeches who did not make their identity known, but I assume were agents of the dark world. While in my vehicle ready to pay for a toll, a helicopter attached with a satellite device that promotes fear flew directly over me. Upon being aware of what was happening I decided to escape on foot and flee from this radioactive device that can cause mental and emotional harm to any man- Even a man who possesses the brain waves of a complicated degree such as myself. As I abandoned my vehicle, I got to a fence and as I climbed underneath, the helicopter got visual contact on its target and there was nothing I could do. Completely lost in a parallel universe I was removed from consciousness and as I woke up I had secret agents of some kind asking me why I decided to battle in this event that was being broadcasted world-wide. I explained to them it was strictly Hip Hop related but they did not believe me. They used Chinese water torture methods at first to try to break my spirits to no avail. They attached wires to my skull and moved on to “Alternative 2.” They then inquired about my knowledge of secret societies and about my experiences in the military.” (Canibus’ Tumblr)

The rapper then proceeded to apologize to his fans and even rap battle victor Dizaster.

“Firstly, I want to apologize first to ‘Subject 10’ whose vehicle I abandoned when the agents were approaching me. Secondly, I’d like to apologize to Supernat because I made him come support me and stand behind me for that embarrassment. Thirdly, I’d like to apologize to all The Rippers in attendance who I let down. Finally, I’d like to apologize to Dizaster and the entire KOTD staff. I tried my best and stood there like the solider I am but there was nothing I can do. As I said in the event, I could only do what I can do. For everyone who seems to be making a mockery out of my just- Remember this; dinosaurs once ruled the planet, Rome was once a powerhouse, The Blazers drafted Greg Oden, and every dog has its day. Doubt me and you will be defeated.” (Canibus’ Tumblr)

Footage of Canibus’ notepad rap emerged online last weekend.

Last night following the game and the fight, you may have saw the name Canibus pop up on your timelines. No Twitter didn’t kill him… Known for his rhyme structure battle rap format, Canibus headed into a PPV battle with Dizaster. The rapper proceeded to pull out his pen and pad during his round and aimed the words on his loose-leaf paper at Dizaster. (The Source)

Canibus’ move caught the attention of artists like Talib Kweli who publicly scolded his action.

“Is mercury in retrograde or something? Just watched Canibus pull out a notepad during a battle. It truly disturbed me!,” he tweeted.

“I rarely get confused. But I can’t front right now I’m confused.”

“RT @jussGOOGLEit: @TalibKweli what is such a brilliant person like yourself so confused about? #thenotebook”

“Now I got that damn Cartman Trapper Keeper song stuck in my head. I don’t wanna let…To the tune of the theme of Dawsons Creek”

“F*ck trap rap it’s about trapper keeper rap in 2012” (Talib Kweli’s Twitter)

Check out footage from Canibus’ rap battle below:

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Written by S. Samuel

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