Everyone knows that in the boxing game, when it comes to money, Mayweather is king.  But it seems even though the prince of paper has retired (we’ll see) some other contestants have entered the big money boxing game.  According to Rukkus.com Tickets for Saturday’s Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez Vs. Miguel Cotto fight is the 3rd most expensive ticket in boxing history

Most Expensive Boxing Tickets In addition some other really fascinating things have been discovered.  Since fighting Mayweather, Canelo’s next 4 fights had a markup from their primary market tickets to the secondary/resell market of 49% whereas Mayweather only had a 14% percent increase even though one of those 4 fights was the biggest fight of all time (in everyway), his bout against Pacquiao.  Also interesting is when you stack up Cotto & Canelo’s most recent fights as well as their upcoming matchup and compare the 1st to 2nd market increase.
Since Canelo & Mayweather Mega Fight (4 Fights)
Cotto Vs Alvarez Tickets Last 3 Fights
Finally, the last chart shows how Cotto, Canelo & Pacquiao all stack up against each other over the years, for their primary market tickets.
Read more about the study here on the original Rukkus Blog Post.
Average Cost Of Primary Market Ticket