Canadian rapper Paul “Bad News Brown” Frappier was reportedly murdered heading into the weekend after police found his corpse in Montreal.

Details of what reportedly took place hit the Internet this week.

The people who know Montreal’s hip-hop scene describe it as lively but small, underrated by the rest of Canada. And that, at least in part, is why the apparent murder of the rapper Bad News Brown this weekend is expected leave such a glaring hole in the community. The rapper, whose real name was Paul Frappier, had a new EP scheduled for release in March. On the day he was murdered, it has been alleged Mr. Frappier was preparing for a show he had scheduled for later Saturday evening. The body of the 33-year-old was discovered early Saturday morning in the Lachine Canal area of Montreal. Police have not stated the cause of death or any other details, but reports have stated Mr. Frappier’s upper body showed signs of violence. His body was found within walking distance of his home. (National Post)

Friends and business associates of Bad News Brown have publicly spoken on the murder.

Frappier’s publicist issued a statement saying they were made aware of the artist, harmonica player and rapper’s death Saturday morning. “Bad News Brown’s death is a great loss for the entire hip-hop and music community in Quebec,” Frappier’s manager Henry Gelot said in the statement. “In addition to being one of the first rappers from Quebec to reach international acclaim, Bad News Brown has certainly left a mark on everyone who knew him.” Friend Bodo Lunetz said he only had good things to say about Frappier.”He was a guy with a big heart,” Luentz said. (Toronto Sun)

Last May, Brown talked about his unique approach to the rap game as the first-ever hip-hop harmonica player.


“I started out rapping and doing spoken word,” explained Brown in an interview. “I’m no Drake. I’m no Jay-Z. I’m no Lil Wayne. I knew that was the competition. For me to try to step in the ring and try to box with people of that caliber would be futile. It’s just not gonna happen. Certain people I knew in my own entourage, I couldn’t even beat on that level… I decided to step off the scene and do something in the background.” (The Boom Box)

Prior to his untimely passing, he reportedly opened up for rap stars like 50 Cent and Kanye West.

Starting out his music career on the streets of Montreal, Bad News Brown wanted something to make him stand out in the hip-hop world. He chose the harmonica as his weapon – an instrument he found united even the most different people. Today he is well on his way to establishing himself in hip-hop, after opening for such heavy-hitters as Snoop Dogg, Sean Paul, Kanye West and 50 Cent. (Watch MoJo)

Check out Bad News Brown’s “Reign” music video below: