New York rapper Canibus is catching heat this weekend after taking part in a recorded Vendetta: Battle Royale event and falling victim to opponent Dizaster.

Apparently choking up in the moment, footage of Canibus pulling out a notepad to assist in the battle has surfaced.

Last night following the game and the fight, you may have saw the name Canibus pop up on your timelines. No Twitter didn’t kill him… Known for his rhyme structure battle rap format, Canibus headed into a PPV battle with Dizaster. The rapper proceeded to pull out his pen and pad during his round and aimed the words on his loose-leaf paper at Dizaster. (The Source)

Canibus’ move caught the attention of artists like Talib Kweli who publicly scolded his action.

“Is mercury in retrograde or something? Just watched Canibus pull out a notepad during a battle. It truly disturbed me!,” he tweeted.

“I rarely get confused. But I can’t front right now I’m confused.”

“RT @jussGOOGLEit: @TalibKweli what is such a brilliant person like yourself so confused about? #thenotebook”

“Now I got that damn Cartman Trapper Keeper song stuck in my head. I don’t wanna let…To the tune of the theme of Dawsons Creek”

“F*ck trap rap it’s about trapper keeper rap in 2012” (Talib Kweli’s Twitter)

Producer Alchemist reportedly got an up-close view of what went down.

“Canibus and boxing died on the same night,” he tweeted.

“None of the clips ive seen yet are equivalent to what it was like watching Canibus vs Diz live. It was like being on the set of a snuff film” (Alchemist’s Twitter)

According to reports, the battle had a format similar to boxing.

The event is scheduled to take place on June 9th at Exchange LA, marking the first time that Canibus has taken the stage for a one-on-one battle. Canibus and Dizaster will have three rounds without time limits to “claim and demonstrate their superiority, while exhibiting the skills that made them legends in their fields.” (Hip Hop DX)

Check out footage from the battle below: