Former Roc-A-Fella Records co-owner Damon “Dame” Dash has shared his thoughts on longtime friend Cam’ron nearly getting set-up at a London concert this week. #KillaInLondon

In Dame’s opinion, Cam’s wit ultimately bailed him out of possibly being involved in a nasty physical altercation.

“Me and Cam are having fun making music and laughing at everybody,” Dame said in an interview. “That sh*t that happened in London, Cam is just the coolest because he took a situation that could have been compromising and he figured it out with no bodyguards and it wasn’t his fault. The sad thing about it is if he was there, it would have been publicly all over the world, black people beating up black people. So I don’t know what the f*ck’s going on. I’ve heard things. I don’t know who those kids are, who those dudes are – but whatever it is, it should be squashed.” (“The Combat Jack Show”)

Killa Cam jumped onto his Instagram page Wednesday (June 4) to explain what went down.

“So n*ggas brought 50 n*ggas to da show to jump London? And rush da stage?!.. But me and juju was doing this..???????????????????????????? ????????????????Lol sucka a** n*ggas.. ????????????????????????????50 n*ggas tho? For lil ol me.. I’m glad y’all know dats da minimum y’all better come wit..Lol.. Sorry to all my fans dat came to da show but as u can see they tried to line me up. And only da barber lines me up.. They had 15 n*ggas in front of da stage (that rushed the stage) and 35 n*ggas outside.. And I was wit 2 n*ggas..” (Cam’ron’s Instagram)

Cam also joked about the failed takedown and denied being robbed or jumped.

“The people that brought me here were very very nice..but when I asked where the ????’s was at?? (That they were suppose to have) they never showed them to me.. Not shitting on them cause they were cool.. But we can’t play when it gets down to hammer time.. So no I didn’t get robbed.. No I didn’t get jumped.. I was chillin doing da salsa wit #Juju..????????They tried to do my bro Juelz dirty.. Now me..foh.. Thx to da people who put me on to game!! To rest of London.. Love y’all..I really do and apologize again.. But y’all other n*ggas ????????.. Lolololol y’all blew yak chance again.. Dumb ass gangsta’s lmfaoooo” (Cam’ron’s Instagram)

Details and footage of the incident emerged online Wednesday (June 4).

What was supposed to be an epic night ended in chaos as Cam’ron never made it to the The Forum in Kentish Town’s stage. Killa was seen in the building and flicked it up with British hip-hop heavyweight Tim Westwood but the show was officially cancelled around 10:20 London time. A pissed off crowd began to bum rush the stage once the show was called and the night ended in chaos. Rumors are beginning to circulate that Cam dipped from the venue because So Solid Crew’s Megaman was looking to cash in on an outstanding debt that Cam owed him. (XXL Mag)


Check out the interview and footage: