Dipset leader Cam’ron has teased fans with a mini-update on his music-making status by announcing he’s back in album mode.

Killa shared a new clip on Instagram this week and tossed some hints at a new project being underway.

“N*gga, it’s album time – I know we in the album [mode] but it’s fabric season. That’s why I’m schooling this n*gga right here because when it’s fabric – it’s Killa time right now. We doing the album so I gotta get my groove. Pardon the fabrics though.”

Last year, Cam talked about piecing together his final solo album.

“Me and A-Trak are going to finish our [Federal Reserve] project up. He had some touring he needed to do. The Dipset stuff presented the opportunity so therefore we stopped what we was doing to attend our personal business but we’re going to get back on track with that. The A-Trak project will probably come out this fall, hopefully, and this December, we might put out Purple Haze 2. Maybe. If not, it’ll come out April. I may be doing an album based on the pantone color that I’m creating. I don’t want to speak too on it because it’s not signed, sealed and delivered. But we’ll definitely put out a solo Cam project in December, not sure if it’s going to be my final project, Purple Haze 2, which ‘will’ be my final project and being that we’re working on this pantone situation, we may do something in-between that but that’s not definite.” (Revolt TV)

In March 2015, Killa revealed his crew’s Dipset plans.

“We’re going on tour in March and April for the Diplomat tour,” Cam said in an interview. “Then in May, Cam’ron, by himself, is going overseas in May. Then I start shooting The Percentage 2 and 3 in June and July. Then at the end of July, the Diplomat album is coming out and I’m going to start working on Purple Haze 2 for December. That’s what’s going on for this year.” (Revolt TV)

Talking to media personality Miss Info, Cam recently admitted he had new ventures in mind.

Info: Are you really going to retire from rap?
Cam: Yeah. It’s a wrap. Time to move on.

*pours out a little sizzurp*

Info: Well, you made yourself a legend, and the music will last forever. So what will you focus on next?
Cam: Thanks, Min. Movies and clothing are doing really well for me right now. I’m helping Mendeecees [Yandy’s husband from Love and Hip Hop NY] with his album. And…I’m building a club in Vegas. (Miss Info TV)