New York rapper Cam’ron‘s mom is seriously going down memory lane this week. Mom’ron went online to share a batch of super vintage throwback pics of her mini-me.

Mom’ron x Killa

On Thursday, Fredericka Giles gave fans an up-close look at Killa during his teenage years. Cam’ron’s mom, as his biggest supporter shared a slideshow of must-see throwback pics showing him with his college basketball team.

“Circa ‘94/‘95. School Days. “Grades bad,settled for a JuCo” (SDE)….Navarro College, Corsicana, Tex” -Mom’ron’s Instagram

Cam’ron’s Mom shares a throwback of her son

High-Key Details

On Friday, Mom’ron returned to Instagram with another vintage set of pics. These featured Cam’s first Dipset store grand opening in New Jersey.

“2004…Grand opening of DIPSHACK in Paterson, NJ” -Mom’ron’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

In early May 2020, Cam’s day one went online with a must-see pic. The shot featured a younger Cam and she also shared now-classic lyrics from Killa’s “Hey Ma” single.

“Riker’s Island …”I’m a changed man, look at the Range man, got a whole new game plan” @mr_camron” -Mom’ron’s Instagram

Before You Go

Killa’s mom recently went online with a hilarious meme. She joked about Cam doing the most with his at-home jump rope ability after footage went viral.

“Let the memes begin…Y’all had to know they were coming 🤷🏽‍♀️” -Mom’ron’s Instagram