New York rapper Cam’ron‘s mom stays on her social media goals. Mom’ron went online this week to share a jaw-dropping throwback clip of President Donald Trump turning all the way up back in the day.

Big Facts

Cam’ron’s mom hit up her Instagram page with the must-see clip. In the video, a vintage Trump is living his best life surrounded by blonde women in a nightclub.

“Go Donny… 🕺🏽🕺🏽” -Mom’ron’s Instagram

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Go Donny… 🕺🏽🕺🏽

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Cam’ron’s mom shared this hilarious footage of President Trump dancing

High-Key Details

Recently, Mom’ron went to her social media pages with a major salute. In a slideshow of pics, Cam’ron’s mom, Fredericka Giles shared looks of her son and R&B icon Mariah Carey hanging out together in honor of her birthday.

“Oops, I’m a day late but so what. Happy Anniversary to Mimi (Mariah Carey) nonetheless. “Hang w Mariah, spent the night w Vivica. Every tabloid asking ‘Cam, what you did with her?’ Just friends dog, word to everything” @mr_camron

Giles gave Mariah Carey a belated, but special shout out on her page

Wait, There’s More

In December 2017, Cam shared a throwback pic of himself chilling with Carey. In the pic, he playfully teased the idea of having a flirty relationship with the veteran crooner. The pair have previously worked together on the singer’s track in 2014 on “Boy I Need You”.

“The guy she told u don’t worry bout. @mariahcarey X Flee #UwasntThere

Getting flirty – Cam remembers his special ties with Mariah Carey

Before You Go

A few days ago, Fredericka Giles celebrated one of Cam’s most unforgettable hits. The Dipset leader’s mom remembered the anniversary of his and Juelz Santana‘s “Oh Boy” premiering to the world.

Showing she’s her son’s biggest fan, Cam’s mom remembers the day “Oh Boy” was released back in 2002