New York rapper Cam’ron‘s mom stays keeping tabs on her mini-me. Fredericka Giles went online this week to share throwback footage of Cam admitting he put a major focus on getting Dipset into the spotlight nearly 20 years ago.

Cam’s Plan

Mom’ron hit up Instagram this week with the priceless clip. In the throwback footage, Cam’ron is shown talking about his goal of making sure he held down the Diplomats after signing to Roc-A-Fella Records in the early 2000’s.

#Camron goals in 2002 for the team, thus presenting The Diplomats in 2003, providing a platform for all. He did his part, the rest is history” -Mom’ron’s Instagram

Cam’ron’s mom shared this throwback footage


Recently, Cam’s mom Fredericka Giles hit up Instagram with a must-see throwback baby pic. The shot featured a young Cameron Giles rocking a huge hat and sitting next to a Stretch Armstrong toy.

“1976…Baby Flee x Stretch Armstrong 💪🏽” -Cam’ron’s Instagram

Cam’ron’s mom, Fredericka Giles shares an adorable baby pic of Killa Cam

Wait, There’s More

Killa’s mom recently went online with a hilarious meme. She joked about Cam doing the most with his at-home jump rope ability after footage went viral.

“Let the memes begin…Y’all had to know they were coming 🤷🏽‍♀️” -Mom’ron’s Instagram

Before You Go

A few nights ago, Killa Cam showed off the priceless footage. In the clip, he’s jumping rope surrounded by family including his niece.

“My niece @reesylauren_didn’t think I could jump. Had to stunt on da family at @sugadugga1988 crib 🤷🏽‍♂️😂” -Cam’ron’s Instagram

Cam’ron shows off his insane jump rope skills to his family

“Nah u styled smh u never know wit u west side baby 👶 lol” -Jim Jones

“😆😆😆” -2 Chainz

Cam’ron shows off his jump rope skills