New York rapper Cam’ron‘s mom might low-key have one of the most slept-on Instagram accounts to follow. The hip-hop veteran’s day one went online this week to share some big facts about what he did to help the careers of rap artists Lil’ Kim and Lil’ Cease.

Big Facts

This week, Mom’ron jumped on Instagram with the big knowledge. Fredericka Giles reflected on Cam’s on-again, off-again pal Ma$e quietly hiring him to pen a now-classic for Cease and Kim.

“Paid a flat $5,000, no royalties. The original version was just Lil Cease on Lil Kim’s HARDCORE album. Lil Kim was on the single”

Cam’ron’s mom reminds us why Killa is so great

High-Key Details

In February, Cam hyped fans up about dropping some new visual gold. Killa promoted his “Medellin” music video to his 1.8 million Instagram followers.

Wait, There’s More

Days prior, Killa Cam went online with a slideshow of must-see pics hanging out alongside late drug kingpin Pablo Escobar‘s brother Roberto.

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Before You Go

Over the past few years, footage has surfaced from Pablo’s huge mansion.