New York rapper Cam’ron‘s mom is reminding fans of the days JAY-Z rode behind Killa Cam. Fredericka Giles has hit up social media to share a vintage moment of Young Hov speaking on her son’s Roc-A-Fella Records run.

This week, Mom’ron hit up Instagram with the must-see footage of rap personality Sway interviewing Jay in the early 2000’s.

“We working on Freeway’s joint right now. Cam’ron’s coming out in April. Cam’ron is a workhorse, man. He might have made 60 songs. Maybe a hundred. He wants it. It’s good to see. He had it, he chased it, he knows what it’s like. He got a feeling of it. He loves it.”

Random n Rare. Jay on Cam's album dropping on roc-a-fella records

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"Hey Ma" released on this date in 2002

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Last week, Cam put the Internet into tears with a hilarious baby mama reunion reenactment.

In June, Cam’s mom revealed he bought his baby mother a 2018 Range Rover.

The same week, Killa penned a lengthy IG post about his former bae and how their relationship went back to high school.

A Eastside story: so the first week When I got to 7th grade, I seen this girl that I automatically loved. She was cute, had swag, and fly jewelry. I found out her name was Toy and she was a grade ahead of me. And she was tuff. I mean could beat up boys, take it to the guns etc. I was like… what kind of 8th grader is this?! 🤔.. Still I thought I would love for her to be my girlfriend. But I only had 2 pair of jeans, 3 shirts and 2 pair of sneakers. So that was a far fetched dream. But about 3 months into the school year she notice me and took a liking to me. For what?!.. I still don’t know🤷🏽‍♂️. Anyway. She became my girl. And she took care of me. Brought me clothes, sneakers, jewelry (Cuban links, gucci bracelets etc) and taught me how to have style. Being she lived on the eastside (of Harlem) I even moved to the eastside with my grandmom..so I could live close to her.. Fast forward.. When she became a junior in high school I noticed a big changed in her. She took school more serious and became a honor roll student. Went on to graduate from St. John’s, masters from Delaware st, and another masters back at St. John’s. And also the mother of my son.. We ended up breaking up when I turned about 26 (I think) because of my cheating, lying and trying to peruse a music career that she wanted nothing to do with. She wanted me to go to school and we live a family life. But she understood my vision but she wasn’t going to be a part of it. I just want to tell her thank you for having my back and being the disciplinary in our sons life. I didn’t have a father in my life so I could never tell my son no to anything. But because of her our son had 5 full academic scholarship offers.🙏🏾 and she hates social media. she’s doesn’t have a page etc. So I asked my son.. what kind of car u want for graduating? He said “dad I don’t want a car yet. After I get my associates degree then I’ll rock. But we should get mom a new car. She likes that new Range Rover velar.” I said “WORD!!” So that’s what we did.. But Toy you deserve to shine..at least for one day. Miss “respect my privacy”😂 Even though we haven’t been together in over a decade. Ur still my family.. love ya!

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Come home with me. The graduation version 🎓🎓

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