Dipset rapper Cam’ron is putting the blame on himself for any sales Fabolous and JadakissFriday On Elm Street might miss out on. The hip-hop veteran has acknowledged his unexpected Ma$e feud overshadowed the duo’s new must-hear joint effort.

In a new interview, Killa Cam said his controversial rap battle put the attention fully on them rather than the LP’s release.

“I don’t feel like it’s New York, it’s what you like,” Cam responded when asked if he thought New York rap returned courtesy of Jada and Fab’s new album. “You know people like what they like. I’ll give you an example. My project did really well on the Internet. As far as Fab and Jada, I feel like me and Mase overshadowed Fab and Jada’s thing. And they two of the nicest artists, period. But people like controversy, I like controversy, too. Just talk about me, baby. I wouldn’t say it’s just New York, it’s people liking what they like. Some people like trap music, this, that, and the third. Some people like they food in the microwave and some like they food in the oven. Just because you don’t like your food in the oven doesn’t mean you don’t like popcorn out the microwave every once in awhile.” (Complex)

Despite the rap feud, Fab and Jada’s new collaborative effort sparked a handful of celebrity co-signs.

Inspired. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Fab x Jada x Swizz got the Theme Music. #FridayonElmSt

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Looks like the 👑 of NY is loving that #Fabolous #Jadakiss #FridayOnElmStreet 📸 #LeBronJames

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Since its release, Fabolous and Jada’s new Friday On Elm Street album landed a Top 5 iTunes debut.