Dipset’s Cam’ron will run and gun for what he wants in life. The hip-hop veteran recently talked about bringing a weapon to his now-epic Paid In Full movie audition.

In a new interview, Cam admitted he beat out stiff hip-hop competition like Nas and N.O.R.E. to snag the role of Rico.


Last month, Cam downplayed the idea of feuding with other hip-hop artists in light of having a new Reebok sneaker deal.

“I wouldn’t do any comparing, because it’s a blessing for all of us to have sneakers. There was a time when only athletes had sneakers. Entertainers having sneakers, on any level, is a blessing. I’m not going to do a back and forth comparison and create a sneaker war beef. Big up to anyone who’s got a sneaker [right now].” (Complex)

The Harlem native recently showed off his high-profile Reebok venture.

The Flee 2's 😳😁😜 @reebokclassics

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