Dipset leader Cam’ron landed a nice payday for his “Dinner Time” diss record. The hip-hop veteran has revealed the initial money-inspired motivation for his Ma$e battle record.

In a new Killa Cam interview, he revealed his YouTube partnership ultimately helped fatten his pockets.

“The first thing I did was started calling my partners to see how much I could get for a response. Even though I would of done it for free, I would have done it for free, definitely, but the first I did was called my partners, figured out how much we could get for the response, what’s the timeframe on it, because we didn’t even mix the record. I’m on tour right now. So basically I called my partners at YouTube, I have deal with YouTube so they gave me an advance on the money I’m going to make anyway just for doing the song – I actually just did it, got it out there.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

This week, Cam talked about having Ma$e strike him with the unexpected “The Oracle” diss song.

“It was out the blue, but I’m proud of him, he finally showed some guts after like 15 years. It took him 15 years, but I was really proud of him when I heard that,” Cam said in an interview. “The thing with me, I don’t really make up stuff when I’m talking about Mase. I just tell him what’s going on. I put a project out called The Program two weeks ago, and I told a story about something that happened in Harlem. So basically he was probably upset that I told the story, but I’m not going to stop telling any story, because it’s Mase or anybody else. My raps are not that much fiction, I rap about stuff that’s going on, so therefore I just told a story, came out the blue. But I’m proud of him, he showed some heart.” (Complex)

This week, Mason Betha came forward to explain why he felt the need to drop his diss record.

“He said something that just pushed me over the edge, I’m not going to lie. When he said, ‘the bodily harm’ thing. Saying something about someone, I don’t take that serious. When you start saying you’re going to do bodily harm or you’re thinking about that, it’s my job as a man to make sure you don’t get to do that. So every other time when he was saying little stuff about me, I let it slide because you know, we grew up. But people don’t realize, we’ve been enemies way longer than we’ve been friends. So I knew him as an enemy more than as a friend. I knew him for like 8 years as a friend, I knew him for 21 years for being an enemy. So I don’t look at him as a friend.” (Hot 97)

Last weekend, a screenshot surfaced of the Harlem native denying making a Cam truce.

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