Dipset’s Cam’ron isn’t the type to wait around for assistance. The hip-hop veteran recently reflected on the day he suffered a gunshot wound and drove to a hospital for medical attention.

Killa Cam jumped on Instagram this past holiday weekend to remember his infamous 2005 near-death Washington, DC shooting.


Cam’ron narrowly escaped death back in October 2005 when a gunman shot him multiple times.

Giles, driving his royal blue 2006 Lamborghini and wearing what a friend later described as $200,000 worth of diamonds and other jewelry, was shot in both arms after stopping at a red light on New York Avenue NW, police said. “I got shot three times and my album comes out Nov. 22,” Giles said as he left Howard University Hospital yesterday afternoon with an entourage of friends, fellow rappers and bodyguards. “We love Howard.” (Washington Post)

Coincidentally, rap star 50 Cent visited fellow hip-hop artist Troy Ave after he suffered gunshot wounds in his vehicle.


Hours prior, details surfaced about Troy’s near-death shooting.

Rapper Troy Ave was shot twice Sunday while sitting in his red Maserati in Brooklyn, sources said. The shooting unfolded in Canarsie at East 91st Street and Linden Blvd at around 4:20 p.m, according to police. The hometown hip-hop star was grazed in the head and struck once in the arm as he sat alone in the six-figure sports car, cops said. His shooter walked up and opened fire without warning — blasting out the driver-side window, cops said. (New York Post)