New York rapper Cam’ron is getting the last laugh. The hip-hop veteran has reminded fans about the time he talked about wanting to make toilet paper one of his new business ventures.

Big Facts

Killa went online last night to share some must-see recent TIDAL RapRadar footage. In the clip, Cam talks about his interest in having his own toilet paper line.

“I did the due diligence on that. Toilet paper machine, the cheapest one is $12,000. There’s one that could cost up to $160,000 brand new. Seriously. That’s how much it cost. If you Google it now – but I didn’t have time. The person I was working with never did the homework because I don’t have time to make toilet paper full time. But I’m saying, yo, it’d be smart to do toilet paper. Yo, that’s what I’m saying. There’s things that’s a luxury and there’s things that are a necessity. You don’t have to have a car. It’s convenient. You gotta use toilet paper. Everybody in this room is going to use toilet paper, I hope. It’s a fact we’re all gonna use some toilet paper in the next day and a half. It is a fact.” (TIDAL RapRadar)

High-Key Facts

A few nights ago, rap star G-Eazy went to Instagram with an epic real-life moment. G shared a pic of himself chilling alongside “Jackass” star Steve-O playfully clashing over toilet paper.

“Fighting over paper towels and toilet paper with Steve O.”

Wait, There’s More

This past Saturday, G-Unit boss 50 Cent and rap entertainer Snoop Dogg didn’t hold back on their trolling. The rap stars shared a savage toilet paper-inspired meme.

“Mood. What the f**k is this corona sh*t”

Before You Go

Over the past few days, footage has lit up social media showing people fighting over toilet paper. There have been multiple incidents at grocery stores with shoppers clashing.