Dipset leader Cam’ron has provided fans with an update on his happenings over the next 12 months including plans to release a Diplomat reunion album and his own Purple Haze 2 before December ends.

If things go accordingly, Killa will first tour before putting out his crew’s releases.

“We’re going on tour in March and April for the Diplomat tour,” Cam said in an interview. “Then in May, Cam’ron, by himself, is going overseas in May. Then I start shooting The Percentage 2 and 3 in June and July. Then at the end of July, the Diplomat album is coming out and I’m going to start working on Purple Haze 2 for December. That’s what’s going on for this year.” (Revolt TV)

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Talking to media personality Miss Info, Cam recently admitted he had new ventures in mind.

Info: Are you really going to retire from rap?
Cam: Yeah. It’s a wrap. Time to move on.

*pours out a little sizzurp*

Info: Well, you made yourself a legend, and the music will last forever. So what will you focus on next?
Cam: Thanks, Min. Movies and clothing are doing really well for me right now. I’m helping Mendeecees [Yandy’s husband from Love and Hip Hop NY] with his album. And…I’m building a club in Vegas. (Miss Info TV)

Cam made a retirement announcement on Instagram last December.

Recently, Killa Came said an emphasis on dropping his First of the Month projects had kept his First Reserve joint effort temporarily shelved.

“It’s good, man. I’ve been running around. I got this project called First of the Month that drops every month. You guys at Complex know about that. Me and A-Trak had finished most of the EP a minute ago, so it’s already done. It’s just about letting these First of the Month EPs finish out and for A-Trak to get back from his tour.” (Complex)