Dipset leader Cam’ron has once again demonstrated his frustration with Mase by dissing the rapper-turned-pastor on a tribute record for his absence from Huddy Combs’ funeral.

Rhyming over Eminem‘s “No Love” instrumental, Cam pays final respects to Hudddy’s memory.

“This the 30-year story, doggy, of two swingers that took the 6 train to Canal to get two-fingers and rope chains, at 13 poppin’ bubb, the youngest youngest ever to be in the Cotton Club…not even gonna start to lie, my body cold, no heart in side. Damn, my other part done died. ya’ll should run when I start to cry…145 and St. Nick, I’m there for Blood wake, 13 years later back here for Hud wake, can’t lie my mind is in a bugged state, feel like Radio Raheem, love hate….Where is Betha at, I’m like f–k Mase…When Hud’s car crashed,damn I’m like not again. He invented words like ‘curve’ and ‘poppington.’ What up Tintin aka 6man, you know your family can lean on me like a kickstand.” (Miss Info TV)

Over the weekend, Cam hit up Twitter to publicly blast Mase.

Cam’ron has taken aim at fellow rapper MA$E after he failed to attend the New York funeral of their tragic pal HUDDY 6. Ma$e, who recruited Huddy 6 as a member of his group Harlem World, was nowhere in sight – and Cam’ron has voiced his anger on his Twitter.com page. In reply to a fan who asked whether Ma$e was in attendance at the memorial service, he wrote, “h*ll no dat f**kin sucka a** n**ga (sic).” Cam’ron grew up with Huddy 6 in the Big Apple’s tough Harlem neighbourhood and has previously credited his pal with saving his life when he was shot twice in 2005. (Contact Music)

Huddy was widely known for his association with Mase.

As a member of Mase’s Harlem World group, Huddy 6 was an artist of the then Bad Boy Records star. Last week, the rapper died as a result of a car accident in New York. The group, which consisted of rappers including Loon and Cardan, and was presented by Mase, released a gold 1999 group album in The Movement. While Mase, who has not spoken publicly in several weeks was not present, Cam’ron and U.N. partner Vado were among those present. (Hip Hop DX)

Diplomat Vado recently talked about Cam’s appearance at Huddy’s funeral after his friend passed away from a car crash earlier this month.

“It was a parade. I definitely went to the wake and he had a parade after the funeral and everyone came to the block,” said Vado of Huddy’s homegoing. “Ray Benzino was there, Cam was there. I don’t do funerals.” Vado admits he’s not partial to funeral services. “I didn’t do my father’s or my family’s, I haven’t done a funeral since my grandparents when I was little,” said Vado. “My father passed about five years ago.” (MTV)

Check out Cam’ron’s Huddy Combs tribute below: