Today, as I walk through Harlem, I see flags flying at half-mass and negros with their heads hung low. I ask one negro what happened and he said, "Cam’ron held a press conference to let everyone know that Jay-Z had something popping with Charli Baltimore."

I was in disbelief. No one with "Capo-Status" would send out e-mails and faxes to every media outlet to let them know such a trival fact, right?

Then I got the page on my two-way, "Cam’ron Reveals Jay-Z/Charli Baltimore Romance at Press Conference", and then I too hung my head in shame - just out of respect for the many Harlem residents who saw THE MOVEMENT become BOWEL-MOVEMENT within minutes.

Rest assured Harlemworld, and this too will come to pass.

LESSON LEARNED: Never hold a press conferences for a rap beef that isn’t your beef. Unless you’re Prodigy, then it’s ok to take up another mans beef. [PUN INTENDED]