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Cam’ron Grinds On A Mystery Girlfriend During 2 Chainz and Rick Ross’ Verzuz Battle

Written By Biz Jones

New York rapper Cam’ron is giving the gossip blogs all the ammunition needed to get the rumors rolling. The hip-hop heavyweight went online this week to share footage of himself getting extra comfy with a mystery woman during the 2 Chainz and Rick Ross Verzuz battle.

Cam’ron Grinds On Mystery Woman

Heading into Friday, Killa Cam went to Instagram to show his support for the popular Verzuz series. However, Cameron Giles revealed he had his mind on a possible new girlfriend during the battle.

“Was just vibin listening to verzuz then @sencity730 started gassin me. Lol.. we bout to go out now 💃🏽🕺🏾🥂 🗣 #DonDamarco sh*t like that” -Cam’ron’s Instagram

Cam’ron grinds on mystery woman during Verzuz battle.

High-Key Details

On Friday, Deuce went to his Instagram page and shared footage of himself talking to New York radio show “The Breakfast Club” about what went down. He also defended his music and decision to put out his best 20 songs during the bout.

“STOP PLAYING WIT ME 😂 1. @defjam fault for setting up an interview at 8am knowing I be up allll nite 🤦🏿‍♂️🤪2. @cthagod fault for trying to Capp me down !!! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹Rose me !!! #stopplayingwithme #SOHELPMEGOD” -2 Chainz’s Instagram

“Listen, his list has been up in my studio for two weeks. I wasn’t surprised at no songs he played. Y’all f*cking with the right one when you come tot his. Listen, he had more pressure than me because he had more material. Y’all talking about 20 hits, right? I played 23 hits! I’m not going back and forth with catalogues – you say you want to hear some hits, I played plaque after plaque after plaque after plaque! And so another thing I was doing, I wasn’t doing no rounds. I was just playing hit for hit for hit. I wasn’t going back and forth with no catalogue – it wasn’t about none of that sh*t.” -2 Chainz’s Instagram

2 Chainz defends himself in Verzuz battle.

The emotional words even inspired Atlanta rapper Killer Mike to speak up. Instead of picking sides, Mike credited both Chainz and Ross for delivering an epic Verzuz bout.

“Y’all had a Ball we the audience loved it!!! Strippers, massagers, SWAG! Y’all was the Dope Man Ambassador’s with music last night! Loved it!!! Salutes @2chainz & @richforever thank y’all, playa’s!” -Killer Mike

Rick Ross and 2 Chainz’s full Verzuz battle.

Wait, There’s More

After mounted anticipation, Ross and Chainz pulled through for the latest Verzuz face-off. The hip-hop heavyweights went pound for pound with their biggest hits.

Rick Ross and 2 Chainz went head-to-head on Verzuz tonight (August 6). During the livestream, Ross shared an unreleased verse he recorded for Kanye West’s “Famous.” They both shared new songs that are coming out tonight: 2 Chainz debuted “Money Maker” featuring Lil Wayne, and Ross shared “Pin Me to the Cross.” When 2 Chainz dropped Juicy J’s “Bandz a Make Her Dance,” two masked strippers came into the room to dance in front of the camera. “Essential workers,” he told them. At one point, Ross received an extensive massage. Find a rundown of how each round played out below, and listen to a playlist featuring the music from the battle. (Pitchfork)

Before You Go

Earlier in the week, Rick Ross went to his Instagram page with a shot of himself and 2 Chainz draped in Gucci. Ricky Rozay plugged Thursday’s match by saying fans could expect them to possibly don the high-end brand’s attire.

“Everything Gucci for Thursday night!!! 8/06/20 #Verzuz #LLBB #MMG”


Written by Biz Jones

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