New York rapper Cam’ron and actor Faizon Love are both gracefully bowing out of their savage Internet trolling. The pair have decided to call it quits on flaming each other following 72 hours of non-stop Internet digital disses.

Cam’ron and Faizon Love Quit

On Wednesday, Cam went to his Instagram page with a final couple of blows to Love. The Harlem native shared some cringe throwback movie moments to make statements about the types of roles Love gets stereotyped into.

“Y’all wanna see a dead body?! I’m done Faizon “Glizzy” Love It was fun killing u, but I got sh*t to do 2mr. U lost sis. Come out that closet. U too fat to be in there anyway. ✌🏾@sencity730 this all ya fault 🤦🏽‍♂️😂 #MachoMan #ImTooSexyForMyShirt A** n*gga” -Cam’ron’s Instagram

Cam’ron and Faizon Love quit their non-stop trolling.

High-Key Details

Love ultimately felt the same way. Faizon fired off a few final trolling posts across his Instagram page before deciding to step away from the feud.

“It’s been fun we outta here….. lol” -Faizon Love’s Instagram

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Oh Boy…..

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Wait, There’s More

On Tuesday, Killa Cam returned to his reliable Instagram page to keep roasting Love. He shared cringe movie footage of Love fully nude surrounded by men and vowed to keep the trolling going.

“Can u explain this sir? @faizonlove súper pause!! 🧐 #UgotSomeExplainingToDo #UmustLikeWhatYouSee tho? I’m done family ✌🏾” -Cam’ron’s Instagram

“Someone should of told him leave u alone smh he bout to get this work for 48 hrs straight and he sto gone get his face slapped wit powder like in th movie but in real life ok I’m out” -Jim Jones

Cam’ron exposes Faizon Love movie scene surrounded by naked men.

“Now before I post this I have no problem with anybody in the LGBTQ community. I have people from this community in my family/friends/I work with and love ones. I respect all walks of life. With that being said. @faizonlove posted some memes of me being gay. Which I’m not. But this isn’t a meme fat boy. This really u.. #UgotSomeexplainingToDo this the roles u want? I dig it #IaintJudgingTho #UaintOnTrail somebody get him in brokeback mountain 2 please. I don’t think he faking.. and did some creep behind u in this vid? Just askin 😂😂” -Cam’ron’s Instagram

Cam’ron rips Faizon Love apart.

“Oh sh*t.. I didn’t know I was under scrutiny. (In da blogs) 🙄😂. my come up ain’t from da internet era. So y’all can’t phase me.But ima be nice 2day but.. yea what he said 👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾😘 #SweetDaddyFlee NH” -Cam’ron’s Instagram

Before You Go

Leading up to Cam’s disses, Faizon relied on his Instagram page to pop off at Killa. He used a flurry of memes to poke fun at Cam and question his sexuality.

“Jay Z Jay Z our man !!!! Weeeee D*ckset Church_650” -Faizon Love’s Instagram

“We just started… Church_650” -Faizon Love’s Instagram

“😂😂😂😂😂 u wanna play huh? U want me to raise ya blood pressure? U know u a twinkle away from dying N*gga. U tried to rape chis tucker in jail. U take them type roles n*gga. I’ll post it tho 😂” -Cam’ron

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We just started… Church_650

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