New York rapper Cam’ron is putting health first. The hip-hop veteran has lit up social media to plug his new line of Dipset face protection masks.

Cam’ron’s Killa Pink Dipset Mask Is A Must-Own

On Friday, Cam lit up his Instagram page with a must-see set of pics. In the shots, the Diplomat leader is shown rocking different varieties of Dipset masks.

“Stay safe but stay dangerous, mask at DipSetCouture.US @dipsetnewyork” -Cam’ron’s Instagram

Killa Days

Last weekend, Cam’s mom hit up Instagram with a super vintage pic. The shot dated back to one of Killa’s late 90’s photo shoots.

#Repost @chico.n.esco・・・Camron Press Photo from our archive  Confessions of fire era circa 98’” -Mom’ron’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

In mid-April 2020, Mom’ron lit up her IG page with a shot of her day one. In the pic, baby Cam’ron is shown looking dapper as ever for Resurrection Day.

“Happy Resurrection Day from Lil Flee” -Mom’ron’s Instagram

“🎩” -Cam’ron

A priceless baby Cam pic was posted by the rapper’s mother, Fredericka Giles on Resurrection Day

Before You Go

Recently, Mom’ron pulled through with some 90’s Cam moments. She shared pics of herself hanging out alongside the Dipset boss in some Diplomats merch.

“Somewhere on tour back in the day.” -Mom’ron’s Instagram

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Somewhere on tour back in the day.

A post shared by Fredericka Giles/Mom’ron (@virgie_og) on

Fredericka Giles shared images of Cam’ron on his old tour days

“1998 … at store on 125th on release date of CONFESSIONS OF FIRE”

“🦅🦅🦅” -Cam’ron

Giles seems to have dozens of throwback pics of Cam in his heyday to share