Do you need a reason to stay indoors? Can’t get enough of Call of Duty WWII? Want to flex those multi-player online skills?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should grab the newly released Call of Duty: WWII United Front DLC Pack and enter to win your own Playstation 4 or Xbox One copy! [Make sure to check out each reason and enter to win your own DLC Pack!]

Reason 1: The Market Garden Map

The first reason you should grab Call of Duty: WWII’s United Front DLC Pack is because of the new maps. As we’ve come to expect with each DLC pack, the gameplay lives up to the hype with three beautiful locations. The Market Garden takes place in the Netherlands and really puts you to the test with some serious intensity. If you’re a fan of fast-paced gameplay and the whole shoot first, ask questions last approach, this is the go-to map for you. Gunfire awaits and at the center of this map is a destroyed mansion which is the perfect location for all-out warfare.

[If you love mountaintop spots and far-ranging sniper shots, look no further than the Monte Cassino Map…]

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