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Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a certified hit. The popular video game has celebrated reaching a massive milestone in its Warzone multi-player online mode.

COD Numbers

Last night, the Call of Duty social media channels plugged the game mode’s success. Heading into Wednesday, more than 60 million players have unloaded havoc in Warzone.

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“Over 60 million #Warzone players. Thank you for dropping in with us.” -Call of Duty’s Instagram

Unload On ‘Em

Recently, NFL superstar Odell Beckham Jr. revealed his love for Call of Duty. OBJ admitted he clocks in serious time in Warzone.

“Second for me and a very special one is Call of Duty. I’m on the [X-]Box if you want to play. I know you’ve seen it on the IG Story, you’ve seen the stats. I’m getting wins. That’s all I’m doing in there. Warzone. But Call of Duty is a must for me.” (Odell Beckham Jr.’s 5 Essentials)

Wait, There’s More

Recently, rap star Meek Mill has dished on his love for Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The hip-hop entertainment has shared multiple past posts about needing the game in his life.

“Call of Duty… gas… big racks ….fall back… get top etc” -Meek Mill’s Instagram

“this blunt outtapocket tho big dawg” -Kehlani

“Tryna tell ya” -K Camp

Meek Mill shows us how he’s occupying himself

“I wanna text my dawg but he switched….. when we both had plans on getting rich!”

“Happy Veterans Day…Salute to @callofduty for hiring our veterans #HireHonor #VeteransDay #cod_partner” – Meek Mill’s Instagram

“Who tryna play on Xbox drop ur tag” — Meek Mill’s Instagram

Meek Mill puts out a call for COD fans on Xbox

Before You Go

In April 2020, Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB went online to flex his love for Call of Duty. JB also let his Xbox heads know he’s in serious need for an in-game crew.

“Need Ah Squad @xbox” -BlocBoy JB’s Instagram

Quarantine gamer: BlocBoy JB’s on his Call of Duty goals this weekend