New York rapper Busta Rhymes doesn’t have time for the negativity or one-sided press. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to speak on getting his name dragged across media outlets over the past few days over a “false” truth.

On Saturday, Busta went to Instagram to keep it 100 on getting tagged as an aggressor on some publications.

Earlier in the week, reports emerged about Busta getting into a heated situation with a passenger aboard an overseas flight.

Rapper Busta Rhymes was allegedly escorted off a British Airways flight by London authorities on Monday after he had an argument with a fellow passenger about overhead bin space. Rhymes — né Trevor George Smith Jr. — was boarding a flight from New York City to London’s Heathrow Airport when he wasn’t able to find space for all of his bags in the overhead compartments, a number of passengers claimed, according to multiple reports. (PEOPLE)

Over the past few days, Busta has shared footage of himself living his best life in Greece.

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Live through us… Mykonos Greece.

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