Busta Rhymes Expands His Conglomerate, “Everybody Congratulate N.O.R.E.”

Written By S. Samuel

Flipmode Squad leader Busta Rhymes has officially expanded his Conglomerate Records crew by aligning himself with CNN's N.O.R.E.

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Busta publicly broke the news of his latest addition via Twitter.


Last December, Busta hit up SOHH to discuss the capacity of his new record label.

“I’ve officially launched a new record label called Conglomerate Records,” Busta informed SOHH. “My new artist is incredibly buzzing in the streets right now. He goes by the name of Reek Da Villian. He currently has a mixtape out that we just officially released. We officially released it on Christmas Eve. I got several artists. I have an artist by the name of Lonnie B, he has a mixtape out right now called Love Games Part 1. I also have another artist by the name of J. Dough. He’s got a mixtape calledMr. Better Than Whoever. I have an artist that’s the niece of [70’s Blaxploitation actress] Pam Grier, her name is Nikki Grier. She has an incredible mixtape album out right now called Soulgasm.” (SOHH)

Along with rappers and singers, Busta said his Conglomerate also houses producers.

“I also have a producer who is part of the production family, his name is Seige,” Busta added. “He just put out an album that’s all instrumentals. His tape is called Prosceiger. It’s currently available online. And my last producer that’s a part of the Conglomerate family goes by the name of Dready. He’s an incredible producer from the UK. The whole establishment and movement of the Conglomerate family is moving in a very powerful, organic, authentic direction. It’s going in a real genuine way and it’s beautiful to see the support of the people and everyone coming out showing the love. I want to make sure everybody gets familiar with that because it’s a primary focus right now for Busta Rhymes in addition to being at the 90 percent mark of completion with the ninth solo album of my solo career. 2011 is going to be a phenomenal year for us.” (SOHH)

N.O.R.E’s new move comes just weeks after announcing the end of CNN.

“I’m not making another war report album or another N.O.R.E ALBUM IMMA MAKE THE 1st S.U.P.E.R.T.H.U.G album cause that what’s good for now…Diddy my homey can’t and would never diss him but he was known for anthems and hits it’s safe to say Khaled has been upholding that area…CNN was a great group…Time has changed I must move on…Doesn’t it hurt to watch a boxer still box when he’s heart isn’t in it that’s what the group feels like right now…Ok I’ve said way too much have no more to say I’ll hit u after the gym salute” [sic] (57th Ave)

Check out some past Busta Rhymes footage below:

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Written by S. Samuel

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