Animated emcee Busta Rhymes revealing that his upcoming, currently untitled solo album has approached completion, SOHH recently hit up the lyrical quickdraw to get more deals on the LP.

Speaking with Bussa Buss, the rap vet confirmed plans to feature comedian Chris Rock on the LP.

“Chris Rock is a friend of mine,” Busta told SOHH. “He’s a Brooklyn native, I’m a Brooklyn native. We’ve watched each other grow in the industry throughout the years. We homies. One day I seen him in Miami and I just had this idea for him to narrate the entire album. I went to L.A. and when I seen him in L.A., I gave him a call, told him to come down to the studio, see what was going on with the project so he could get an idea of the direction we were going and he heard it and he was with it. He did what he had to do right there on the spot.” (SOHH)

Busta also explained why makes an effort entertain fans in a comedic fashion on his albums.

“With every one of my albums, I’ve always had some sort of comedy element,” Busta added. “I’ve had [comedian] Dolemite on my previous albums, Mike Epps and now Chris Rock. I’ve always incorporated that as a balance because sometimes I deal with subject matter that’s a little deep so I feel that balance [is needed].” (SOHH)

Last week, the New York native said his album was practically wrapped up.

Rapper Busta Rhymes recently sat down with to discuss his upcoming untitled album and the success of his recent singles. The veteran emcee is currently the enjoying the success of the #1 single “Look at Me Now,” which features Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, as well as his single “Welcome to My Hood (Remix)” with DJ Khaled. Both tracks have served to prepare fans for Busta Rhymes upcoming full-length, untitled album, which the rapper said is 90% done. (All Hip Hop)

In late 2010, Busta introduced SOHH to his new Conglomerate Records company.

“I’ve officially launched a new record label called Conglomerate Records,” Busta informed SOHH. “My new artist is incredibly buzzing in the streets right now. He goes by the name of Reek Da Villian. He currently has a mixtape out that we just officially released. We officially released it on Christmas Eve. I got several artists. I have an artist by the name of Lonnie B, he has a mixtape out right now called Love Games Part 1. I also have another artist by the name of J. Dough. He’s got a mixtape called Mr. Better Than Whoever. I have an artist that’s the niece of [70’s Blaxploitation actress] Pam Grier, her name is Nikki Grier. She has an incredible mixtape album out right now called Soulgasm.” (SOHH)

A release date for Busta Rhymes’ new album has not yet been announced.

Check out some recent Busta Rhymes footage below: