UGK’s Bun B is reminding fans to go ahead and pencil in a special date this month by confirming speculation of incarcerated rapper Lil Boosie‘s return.

The Trill OG confirmed Bad Azz would once again be a free man this February 13.

“Boosie Bad Ass gets home on February 13. Confirmed. Get ready.,” Bun tweeted January 31.

“We freed the Pimp. Now we freeing Boosie! #FreeBoosie” (Bun B’s Twitter)

Initial reports this week claimed Boosie Bad Azz would finally get his first taste of freedom right before Valentine’s Day.

Toss all those #FreeBoosie T-shirts and start painting #WelcomeHome signs. According to Hot 97?s Ebro, Torrence Hatch, p/k/a Lil Boosie, is set to be released from prison on Feb. 13, 2014. That’s just over two weeks away! There’s been plenty of speculation surrounding Boosie’s long-awaited release, and it seems that each month the hood x hipster following of the Louisiana “Bad Azz” grows. Last month, it was reported that the Baton Rouge rapper would be freed on Aug. 18, 2014. Then Boosie’s brother and manager Taquari Hatch clarified that he could, in fact, be out as early as Feb, as long as he completed two classes while inside. (Miss Info TV)

Recently, the rapper’s cousin promised he had plenty to offer when released.

Lil Boosie is on his way to freedom and he probably can’t wait another minute to taste it all. In the meantime, his older cousin, Donkey, is making sure that fans are kept up to date on the latest happenings with Boosie. Apparently, Donkey has been talking music with Boosie via phone calls and it sounds as though the Louisiana rapper is getting ready to jump back into the game when he is released in a few short weeks. “AFTER HEARING MY NI–A ‘BADAZZ’ SPIT DAT ‘FLAME’ TO ME…MMAANN, THIS S–T BOUTA GET REAL!!!!!! #FREEBADBOOSIE #LME,” Donkey tweeted on Friday. (Celebs Gather)

Some recent reports suggested a mid-February release date for the Southern rapper.

Taquari Hatch told Times-Picayune that a previously reported date of Aug. 18, 2014 wasn’t accurate. Due to a slow down in the paperwork process at the Louisiana Department of Safety and Corrections, the automated offender locator system did not yet reflect the time off of his brother’s sentence that had been accrued, he said. Torrence Hatch’s current date of release is officially set for May 16, 2014, according to Taquari Hatch, thanks to a substance abuse class Torrence Hatch recently completed. Furthermore, Taquari Hatch expects Torrence Hatch will be out Feb. 16, 2014 once the rapper completes two additional classes at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. (NOLA)

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