UGK’s Bun B recently dished out his respect for G.O.O.D. Music president Pusha T and called him one of the best musicians in the industry.

Bun applauded the Clipse rapper on Instagram late Wednesday (January 20).

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Check out what major co-sign Dr. Dre recently gave Pusha T on the next page…

Last August, Pusha spoke out on receiving an epic co-sign from music mogul Dr. Dre.

“It blew my mind, actually. I haven’t had any interaction with Dre, or Ren, ever. It’s ironic because I was super hyped when Dr. Dre’s Beats 1 [show] promo was [Pusha T song] “Numbers On The Board.” I was like, “Aw, Dre probably got some kid [to do the promo] — how else would Dr. Dre know about Pusha T?” He’s such a huge figure, but to me, as far as my reach goes, he’s like a myth. You hear about him, you never see him — only on magazine covers. When something grandiose happens in the worlds of business or music, his name pops up. As far as me being a rapper, it just doesn’t happen, man. I was completely taken aback. I wanted to be Ren for that movie, actually.” (Billboard)

The Pusha Man initially hopped onto his Instagram page to acknowledge the love Dre showed him.

Listen to your Doctor @drdre @mcrencpt1 #NWA #STRAIGHTOUTTACOMPTON

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Interviewed by Top Dawg Entertainment’s Kendrick Lamar, both rap veteran MC Ren and Dr. Dre showered him and Pusha with co-signs.

As one of your offspring, anything I do comes from what y’all have done before me. I’m curious to know how you feel about my generation of artists.

MC Ren: I like a few. I like you.

Dr. Dre: You’re No. 1 on my list because of the care and attention you bring to your tracks and the precision you bring to your sound. There are a few people out there I listen to and respect.

MC Ren: Pusha T.

Dr. Dre: Definitely Pusha T.

MC Ren: I’m not saying this because you’re here, Kendrick, but I like your song “Cut You Off.” I’ve been listening to you for a minute. (Billboard)