The wait is finally over – blockbuster Transformers spin-off Bumblebee is now available on both Digital HD and Blu-ray/DVD. Here are five reasons you should’t waste another minute and get your hands on this must-see blockbuster hit.

1. The Legend Is Real

The first reason you should buy Bumblebee on Digital HD and Blu-ray/DVD is because who doesn’t love Bumblebee? Without a doubt, this is the most popular of all Transformers characters in the franchise and if anyone remembers the 2007 release, Bumblee low-key dominated the screen and ended up being a classic character! What makes this even more awesome is getting to see its origin – notably how the voice ended up being how it is in all the movies. No spoilers here – just look forward to having plenty of gaps filled!

2. Action-Packed

This doesn’t feel necessary to mention as a top reason to own Bumblebee but it cannot be overlooked. This movie is packed with action and excitement. What would a Transformers movie – even a standalone/spin-off – be without some explosive fun? From the opening sequence through the heart of this thrill ride, you’re going to need to buckle up and prepare for a non-stop adventure packed with a ton of twists, turns and high-speed action!

3. Hollywood Elite

The third reason you should buy Bumblebee is because of all the familiar faces. Sure, John Cena easily wins a lot of people over and seems to dominate the movie but you’ll be surprised at just how much Hailee Steinfeld and even Jorge Lendeborg Jr. bring to the table. Their chemistry is very spot-on and not in a cheesy type of romantic way. They both add a ton of humor to lessen the blows of all the action Bumblebee delivers.

4. Numbers Don’t Lie

It’s not always fun to bring up numbers – but when your movie brings in just under $500 million worldwide? It’s safe to say you’re sort of a big deal. The Bumblebee movie did way more than just excite energy into Transformers but it made people realize how great this character is by itself. Sure, we’d love for nothing more than everyone to unite but this movie’s cast deserves another go-around and Bumblebee 2 just has a really nice ring to it! Plus, how can anyone hate on the 80’s nostalgia this movie delivers – from the apparel to the music? We ‘need’ a sequel!

5. Bonus Content Galore

There is way too much bonus content on here to even name it all. Deleted and extended scenes? Check. An all-new motion comic? Check. Outtakes? Check. The story of Bumblebee? Heck yes! If you love to nerd out on bonus content, then look no further than the bonus features and bury yourself into hours of fandom.