Bruce Willis is back, and as bad a$$ as ever. Willis recreates the character made famous by the great Charles Bronson, Paul Kersey. This one takes a more modern day look at the Death Wish franchise. The revenge flicks aren’t really all that big at the moment, but this one looks like it has to possibility to start up the genre again. If you want to be a part of the resurgence, here’s your 5 reasons why you should get out and see the new Death Wish when it comes out Friday, March 2! [Be sure to check out each reason and grab your own New York City movie passes!]

Reason 1: Bruce Willis

Lately we all know Bruce Willis’ films lately have been ‘eh’ at best. He’s primarily been in smaller budget roles or making the occasional spot appearance, like his small stint in ‘Split.’ But, this one looks to re-establish Bruce Willis as the dope action star he really his. Even though a bit older now, if anyone can recreate the vigilante justice served by Paul Kersey, it’s Willis.

Reason 2: The Return Of Paul Kersey

The Death Wish franchise was known for being over the top when it came to vigilante type vengeance. Paul Kersey, finds a way no matter the circumstances to come out on top and crush his enemies. The success of these movies was the ability to make you wonder how you would react had something drastic happened to your family. The police can’t guarantee justice, and you want justice now, not later. Would you set out to find your wife’s killer? Paul Kersey is pulling his best impression of Batman, but he doesn’t have rules.

Reason 3: Eli Roth

What better person to recreate the rage of Paul Kersey than the one and only Eli Roth. Roth is known for his over the top violence and gore. Along with those movies he directed, he can direct one helluva a story. This one has potential to be the ultimate popcorn movie, not affiliated with superheroes. Something about vigilante justice, served by the average guy strikes me as something worth the watch.

Reason 4: The Return Of A Classic Franchise

The re-vamp of this franchise seems a bit out of nowhere, I’ll be honest at first was not all that excited about it. I then remembered, Bruce Willis is John McClain and can do any action movie he damn well wants. This franchise was meant for an actor of Willis’ caliber and especially at this point in his career. The older bad a$$ is right up his alley. I can’t wait to see if he’s as awesome as Charles Bronson did it back in the 70’s. Only one way to find out, get out and see this one.

Reason 5: The Irony

In the original, Paul Kersey was an architect, in this modern version, he is now a doctor. The irony sits in his job title. Doctors are known to save lives and do what they can to ensure someone gets all the care available to save a life. After the events of what happens to Kersey’s family, he’s doing whatever he can to make sure he takes the lives of those who crossed him and his family. A doctor who takes lives, on some Dexter type stuff, the cop killing bad guys. This is the doctor who takes the lives of bad guys. I’m down to see how a doctor would go about taking vigilante justice on criminals. Are you?

Like I have said for my previous 5 reasons, I am not a huge fan of remakes. This one has me intrigued though. I like Eli Roth’s work, and I am a HUGE Bruce Willis fan. I think this combination could work. Will it capture the same popularity of the original, we will have to wait and see. I am going to see this one for sure, popcorn in hand.

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