There’s no place like Brooklyn. Diehard Nets and Bobby Shmurda fans did the most at the Barclays Center last night by taking trolling to a whole new level during the Detroit Pistons game.

Big Facts: New footage has surfaced of fans calling the Pistons’ Reggie Jackson “Bobby Shmurda” during his free throws and – as a result – getting treated to a quick Shmoney Dance move.

High-Key Details: Coincidentally, Jackson’s own teammate Andre Drummond previously called him Bobby Shmurda during a meal.

Wait, There’s More: Bobby Shmurda reportedly has a new mixtape in the works and set to drop in the coming weeks.

Before You Go: Despite Bobby serving time on counts of conspiracy to murder, weapons possession and reckless endangerment, Migos’ Quavo recently provided a positive Shmurda update.