If someone asked you: “What happens when two of the best pound-for-pound femcees decide to join forces and do a song together?” Depending on who you are and where you from you may respond: “What the F*ck do you mean”. A response fitting towards one whom would have the audacity to pose such a question. Like if it was possible, who are two of the best pound-for-pound femcees in the game, and better yet what would that sound or look like? Well that question has just been answered as the Brooklyn bombshell and QOTR (Queen of The Ring) Boss “Babs Bunny” and the talented born & raised NOLA DIVA “3D Na’Tee” join forces to give us the visual to “FYM” (F*CK YOU MEAN). This Mazi. O directed visual gives us a raw and gritty look into the world of Babs & Na’Tee as they trade verses, while visually Mazi. O show us what happens when you try to approach the wrong female at the wrong time. The two femcees tie everything together as they stand back-to-back in the streets of NY while as they recite the hook:

“F*ck do they mean, F*ck do they mean that I ain’t mean/Da F*ck do they mean, F*ck do they mean Like I ain’t light up the scene”

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