…but when you really think about it, they suck at it on a commercial level and artistic level. Seriously. If you compare The Bronx to other boroughs, it’s seriously lacking.

Staten Island had a better run in rap than the Bronx – Wu-Tang, Shyheim, King Just, UMCs, Force M.D.’s. You could say Staten Island has quality over quantity. You can list Brooklyn and Queens artists for days. When Harlem does come to the table, they do it big and with style.

But what about the Bronx?

To my recollection, the best The Bronx has to offer is Big Pun, Boogie Down Productions (not KRS-One), Slick Rick and Nice & Smooth. You could toss 3/4’s of D.I.T.C. (Lord Finesse, Diamond, Show & AG) in there too for impact, but not sales. But after that, it’s a wrap. Remy Ma. Drag-on. Fat Joe. Chi-Ali. The Legion. I’m sure I’m missing some people but that just shows how boring the BX is.

It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter who started it, but who finishes it. This is just a segment of a large issue, which is NEW YORK HIP-HOP IS IN A COMA. I’m too busy to write it out and be thought provoking, but rappers in NYC suck – ESPECIALLY PAPOOSE. This negro is garbage. I’ve heard people say he’s the 2nd coming of Raekwon. Ya’ll are bugging out. Papoose is sub-par. And you tell him and Kay Slay that I said it.