Breonna Taylor Grand Juror Claims Homicide Charges Never Considered

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Breonna Jury Never Had A Chance

The Breonna Taylor case is far from over. Weeks after the Kentucky Attorney General announced murder charges would not be given to Louisville officers responsible for the emergency medical technician's death following a police home invasion, reports claim homicide charges were never considered.

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Breonna Taylor Case Homicide Charges Never Presented

According to reports, the grand jury was never given an opportunity to put the police officers responsible for her death behind bars on murder charges. An anonymous member of the panel issued the statement through an attorney.

“The grand jury did not have homicide offenses explained to them,” the anonymous grand juror wrote in a statement issued by attorney Kevin Glogower. “The grand jury never heard about those laws. Self-defense or justification was never explained either.”The rare statement — grand juries are intended to be secret, with some exceptions — followed the ruling of Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Annie O’Connell and sheds further light on a case that has led to protests across the country and exemplified the ways that the “war on drugs” disproportionately hurts Black Americans. (CNN)

Breonna Taylor case homicide charges never presented.

Police Collected Negative Info About Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend

Recently, thousands of pages and hundreds of hours of audio and video from the investigation into Taylor’s death emerged to the public. Documents revealed police believed Breonna’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker sold drugs and may have been involved in a robbery. Pictures and text messages from Walker’s phone were examined. Walker’s attorney said the department had a conflict of interest, since it was also investigating Louisville officers for their roles in the fatal shooting.

“It’s just a cover-up,” said Steven Romines, the attorney representing Walker in a civil suit against the police department. “And it reflects the fact that over two months into the investigation of Breonna Taylor’s death, LMPD [was] more interested in including unsupported allegations to smear Kenny Walker than it [was] in actually finding the truth.” (NBC News)

Police collected negative info following Breonna Taylor’s murder.

Bhad Bhabie’s Breonna Taylor Must-Read Message

Recently, Florida rapper Bhad Bhabie went to her Instagram page and didn’t hold back on what’s on her mind. She specifically addressed police taking Breonna Taylor’s life and explained why she didn’t fully speak up on the murder.

“First i would like to to say I apologize for not posting or speaking about this sooner. as a lot of you know i was in rehab when these horrific events of racist police brutality started and at the facility i was at they aren’t allow to keep us updated on the out side world…which i believe is f*cked up and that me and the rest of the girls i was in there with should b told about and educated on these horrific events happening in our country. and with that being said when i got home i didn’t know to much about it.” -Bhad Bhabie’s Instagram

Bhad Bhabie’s Breonna Taylor must-read message.

Bhabie also shared her problems with law enforcement and said she had to unleash her true feelings about what happened to Breonna.

“my mom and kj explained some stories to me so i called in a meeting with my team on how i should properly and respectfully address this and THEY decided it was best for me to keep my mouth closed due to the fact that i’m young and some times i don’t word things properly and that allows the internet to easily twist my words i understood what they were saying but i still didn’t feel comfortable staying silent bc i have a huge following and fan base and with that being said i know i can help show awareness and support but i had to respect my team bc 9 times out of 10 they are right about how i should go about things and i didn’t want to fall victim to a “i told you so “ situation. but after seeing the body cam video that was released this morning of this young girl while these disgusting idiots with guns just walk over her with out even the slightest bit of sorrow I could no longer keep my silence this is just heartbreaking,horrific and just overly upsetting. one of the scariest things about this is police are supposed to b the ppl who “protect us” no matter what or who we are at the end off the day we are all human and we all bleed red and what bothers me the most is these grown a** men in the video probably have wife’s,daughters and sisters have absolutely no compassion for this innocent women they just murdered FOR NO F*CKING REASON . my heart goes out to her and her family i pray they get the justice she deserves. #justiceforbreonnataylor

Rotimi Addresses Breonna Taylor Injustice

In early October 2020, singer Rotimi delivered his must-see “Unity” visual to the masses following more drama surrounding the Breonna Taylor grand jury decision. He also makes direct references to other victims of police brutality including Black man George Floyd.

The “Unity” music video promotes social change through use of striking visuals that spotlight the world coming together for recent racial justice movements. Opening with Rotimi dressed in an all-white ensemble, his surroundings set as a backdrop for the powerful images of recent events. His opening phrase “Let’s talk about unity“ is repeated as clips of police brutality, mass protests, devastating wars, and desolation flash before the viewers eyes. As Rotimi sings “Whole world \ at a standstill, we’re fighting for justice, no need for division, no, we all got a purpose,” a montage of recent Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ protests, coronavirus footage, and images of Martin Luther King Jr. transition from scene to scene showcasing the state of our world, both past and present.

Rotimi addresses Breonna Taylor injustice.

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