Grammy-winning rapper T.I. has reportedly been sentenced to 11 months behind bars for violating his probation last month after getting arrested in Los Angeles on drug possession charges.

Details on T.I.’s sentencing hit the Internet Friday (October 15) afternoon.

Rapper T.I. had his probation revoked by a federal judge today and was sentenced to 11 months in prison. T.I. was busted last month on felony possession of a controlled substance … while he was on probation for a 2009 federal gun possession conviction. T.I. told the judge he needed help for drug addiction and begged not to be sent back to prison. We’re told one of the officers from Wednesday’s jumper incident testified on T.I.’s behalf. He has two weeks to turn himself in. (TMZ)

During his Atlanta court appearance, T.I. pleaded with the judge.

“I screwed up,” said the rapper, wearing a three-piece gray suit. “I screwed up big time, and I’m sorry. I’m truly and sincerely sorry. I don’t want and I don’t need to use drugs anymore. I want them out of my life.” (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

The rapper reportedly faced up to 14 months in prison.

A probation officer has recommended T.I. face eight to 14 months in prison. As a condition of his release earlier this year, he was ordered not to commit another federal, state or local crime while on supervised release, or to illegally possess a controlled substance. He was also told to take at least three drug tests after his release and to participate in a drug and alcohol treatment program. (Associated Press)

T.I. previously served jail time for a 2007 gun conviction.

The rapper T.I., arrested on drug possession last month in Los Angeles, is headed back to jail. A federal judge today sentenced the Grammy-winning hip-hop star to an 11-month prison sentence in Atlanta today. The arrest was a violation of T.I.’s parole; he was previously arrested in 2007 for trying to purchase illegal firearms and served jail time. The news comes at a bad time career-wise for the rapper. He had been working on a much-anticipated album called “King Uncaged” and recently scored a hit with the film “Takers,” which he starred in and produced. (Wall Street Journal)

No further details have been revealed as of now.