Def Jam rapper Fabolous can thank his lucky stars today (May 21) after surviving a near-fatal car wreck in New York City. #CloseCall

Fab revealed serious photos of the nasty crash early Wednesday.

“Good Morning IG…I just survived a car accident on the Van Wyck in Queens, NY. I wanna Thank God for not only letting me walk away with a few bumps & bruises but also for letting my driver Ruben & the two truck drivers involved walk away alive also.” (Fabolous’ Instagam)

The New York hip-hop heavyweight also detailed how much of an impact the crash had on his life.

“This was my 1st time being in a car accident. It’s a very shocking experience & may change my outlook on how fast things can happen & you’re put into a life threatening situation. Live, Love, & Celebrate Life. #Blessed” (Fabolous’ Instagram)

Outside of the crash, Fab’s much-anticipated Def Jam release will arrive this upcoming summer.

“”Record labels have its processes and stuff so you gotta work with that,” Fab said. “I’m looking towards like a summer release. It’s good — I think people have been waiting but I feel like even I can’t give them something that I don’t feel is right so I always make sure that I’m completely a hundred percent comfortable with the product that I’m putting out before I do. I think this summer will be that time.” (Real Talk NY)

Last year, Fab revealed he would have R&B hitmaker Ryan Leslie and star producer Pharrell Williams contribute to the LP.

“Yeah man, I am tightening it up. I was almost at a final pivotal point of the project in trying to wrap it up, but I bumped into my guy Ryan Leslie, who wasn’t on the project yet, so now we getting in the studio and coming with some stuff. I think everybody knows the chemistry that we have, and the kind of music he makes with that organic New York feel to it, so I really wanted him to be a part of this project. Also Pharrell, he’s got a new hunger again for hip-hop, so he came to me and said ‘yo we gotta get in again,’ so am gonna go check him out as well, and lock it down, and get this project out to the fans.” (The Source)