Less than 96 hours before the Cannaramic Online Summit launches, the organization and its founder are taking legal action against social media giant Facebook. The cannabis-based company is going at the networking powerhouse over a censorship incident.

Cannaramic co-founder Felicia Palmer has released a statement on preparing to file a complaint against Facebook for censoring and suppressing her company’s content which centers on legal uses of cannabis.

“This is a matter of national importance that will determine what information laypeople can access regarding cannabis, at a time when marijuana legalization is on the tongues of every presidential candidate and usage laws are being decided state by state,” states Felicia Palmer, co-founder of The Cannaramic Online Summit. “Facebook is the gatekeeper that controls how2.38 billion​ people access and share information — our position is that Facebook must not be allowed to block this vital public information at such a critical moment in history.”

Palmer’s complaint also targets Facebook’s aggressive censorship and content removal tactics.

The complaint details how the Facebook algorithm systematically, indiscriminately and fraudulently bans, removes and prevents the sharing and promotion of information pertaining to the legal cannabis industry, legalization social equity issues largely affecting minority communities ravaged by the “war on drugs” and Medical Marijuana, which is currently legal in 33 states. ​Such censorship took place after the plaintiffs were induced to spend money to boost their posts promoting the free online educational summit.

The legal action comes just days before Cannaramic’s highly-anticipated weeklong event – which features celebrity speakers Redman and Dr. Raphael Mechoulam​ – launches to the masses.

The Cannaramic Online Summit takes place from May 20-24th online and is accessible worldwide via internet connection. The series seeks to reach over 500,000 people to demystify cannabis and cover topics on Medical Marijuana, opportunities in the booming cannabis industry as well as critical social equity issues in the legalization movement. More than 25 of the leading experts in the cannabis field will present, including pioneering cannabis scientist, ​Dr. Raphael Mechoulam​, ​Dr. Monica Taing​ (Board member, Doctors for The Reform of Cannabis Regulations),​ Roz McCarthy​ (Founder, Minorities for Medical Marijuana), multi-platinum artist/actor ​RedMan​, award-winning journalist/author, ​Javier Hasse,​ ​Melissa Moore​ (Executive Director-NY, The Drug Policy Alliance), ​David C. Holland, Esq​ (Executive Director-NY, NORML), UFC Champion ​Frank “The Legend” Shamrock​, former NHL lineman ​Riley Cote(Athletes For Care) and Army combat veteran, ​Jose Belen​ (Mission Zero).