Within days, you’ll be reading Mobb Deep‘s interview in VIBE. The interview sheds light on Mobb Deep’s affinity with G-Unit, plus it gives CPR to a dying publication. [You don’t win putting Bow Wow on the cover.] VIBE is like one step away from being Right On! They need to pull an Elliott Wilson – TRANSLATION – find a label thats hot and sell them the cover for concurrent months at a time.

Anyway, remember last week when I said "if you’re Prodigy, 50 Cent owns your words and your balls." I was SOHH wrong. 50 owns Prodigy AND Havok‘s words and balls. And VIBE has documented proof…

VIBE: It doesn’t matter that someone has a say in your music relationships?

Prodigy: Hell no. He made me rich.

VIBE So, I guess it didn’t bother you that on "Piggy Bank" 50 said to Jadakiss, "I’ll do your little ass like Jay did Mobb Deep?"

Havok:: Nope

Prodigy: When he said that line, he was just talking about what really happenned. At Summer Jam, Jay-Z put up a picture of me when I was a little kid in my grandmother’s dance school. We’re all bigger than Jay now.

No Albert! That’s not what 50 meant. He was saying that he would shut down Jadakiss’ career like Jay-Z shut down your career. Hmmm. Maybe he meant that he has more pictures of you fluttering around in your tutu. 

Anyway, back to the article…

VIBE: With your recent appearance on the Anger Management 3 tour, you seem to have lost weight. Are you still struggling with sickle cell?

Prodigy: I’m in perfect health. I ain’t been sick in a long time.

Havok: We slim dudes. But check this bank account. Tell me how I look now (laughs). My hips look kinda fat right? My pockets are bulging.

VIBE: Since signing to G Unit, what’s been the biggest change in your lives?

Prodigy: We’re megastars now.

Havok: I never thought it would be this way.

Prodigy: When we signed that contract, Fif gave us the keys to the planet. We can open up any door right now.


"The love of money is the root of all evil." – Timothy 6:10