Boxing Champ Rips Jay Z & Rihanna After Roc Nation Sports Offer: “Suck My ****”

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

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Boxing champion Adrien Broner reportedly has no interest in joining Jay Z‘s growing Roc Nation Sports company and ripped the music mogul’s alleged offer.

According to reports, Broner is offended by Jay’s offer to join the team.

Adrien just appeared on “TMZ Hollywood Sports” and skewered the hop-hop mogul/sports titan for offering him a paltry $40 mil for 5 years. Adrien reaffirmed his directive that Jay could “suck my ****.” Going after Jay Z takes balls, but he got even ballsier when he went after another Roc Nation client, Rihanna, whom he says could go f herself, adding the only thing she’s good for is p****. (TMZ)

Boxing veteran Andre Ward announced his addition to the Roc Nation Sports family Friday (January 9).

Jay Z launched his new Throne Boxing event last night (January 9) in New York City.

While boxer and the rapper may now work together, clearly they are friends as well as they both could not stop laughing as they watched the fight.
The stars turned out to celebrate Jay’s big night including his biggest musical talent Rihanna and also actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Noticeably absent was Jay Z’s wife Beyonce who must have decided to stay home with their little one Blue Ivy. (Daily Mail)

R&B diva Rihanna posted up pics from the event alongside Jay to her Instagram page.

big bro. jigga. congrats to our champ tonight #Dusty #RocNationBoxingCard

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A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on


Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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  1. Sun you ducked Crawford, Garcia, Rios, Bradley, Peterson and imo lost to Pauly…you’re talented AF but….#GetOvaYourself!!!

    • lost to pauly? reallly? i saw that fight in person at barclays, and as bad as broner was, he still kicked pauly’s pillow handed ass…… and i’m part fuckin italian

    • I thought Pauly out pointed him in a lot of those middle rounds and AB just kinda did his late flurry thing at the end imo.

    • pauly was slapping at him more than punching him, i mean technically did he outpoint him? yeah…. if you’re doing olympic style compu box scoring, but as far as effectiveness? i thought it was time for pauly to retire after that fight his hands just dont have enough weight to them for him to be an elite level boxer. he had his moments and he went further than most people ever thought. the kid has heart, but its about the hands. even lamotta would have been top 5 of all time if he had bigger heavier hands. some people just dont appreciate what god gives them ie. broner.

    • No doubt. The hand injury definitely forced him to change his style up but yeah the elite fighters are the boxer puncher variety otherwise you’re just going to get walked down and KO’d in the late rounds.

    • Broner is not that talented, when he fights somebody that is really good he looses.

    • He’s ducked a lot of elite fighters on his way up to the welterweight division. I couldn’t imagine Sugar Ray, Marvelous Marvin, Hitman Hearns, Benitez or Duran ever doing that…if you call yourself the best you have to beat the best AB.

  2. broner is gonna take a huge L behind this…… he should just STFU and work as hard as floyd since he wants to be him so bad. floyd talks alot but the man puts in that work. you gotta respect that, i can’t respect a nigga who wastes god given ability. you’re a bum broner.


    Jay Z

  4. R.I.P. to this nigga’s career and possibly his life. Suck my dick? And he said this on camera? Yeah this should be interesting

  5. Broner is not even that good anymore. Maidana fu*ked you up, you know damn well you don’t want none of Mathyiese and if you wouldn’t have got that lucky K.O on yo last opponent (if he wouldn’t have gotten reckless he would have won that fight) your name in boxing would have been completely gone. I think he should have taken the 40mil because Jay would have really lost on that one.Broner is on his way out me personally I wouldn’t have even touched ol boy.

  6. I’m glad Broner said this. Like 50 said, you can’t buy your way into this. Jay is a name and has his guys doing all the work. Why would Broner want someone who know nothing about boxing, represent him? Jay and his company offered Thurman, I believe, a similar contract and it wasn’t the best.

    • 50 also said tonight that AB shouldn’t have said that and he should have taken the money….. so as you were saying sir

    • Well damn, my bad bro, didn’t know you had your lips around Jays dick. All 50 said was that Broner shouldn’t have said what he said nothing about the money. But if you would like for me to continue, that was a bullshit offer and being that Broner is under Al Haymon and Al isn’t too fond of Jay, ain’t no fucking way that shit would have happened.

  7. Anybody saying broner outta poccet hands down a house nigga and will kneel quicc the minute somebody with money come around ..y’all sheeps act like ppl with money some type of god or sumn
    Submissive ass bitches


    • Thought so!!! In my Roger Mayweather voice – “you don’t know SH!T about boxing…”

      But, hey that is your opinion – if it so corny why do you comment on the ARTICLES involving BOXING???

      Well, to each their own

    • You don’t know what I know bout boxing shit head ass n1gger and I commented on 1 boxing article

    • Funny …you are Funny. Calling names make you feel good … don’t it??? On the internet …you are the supreme tough guy aren’t you??? Go ahead use all the bigotry and profanity that is needed for your manhood…. besides you are SAFE behind your keyboard 🙂

    • Calling names doesn’t make me feel anything just like you shouldn’t take comments on the Internet so seriously have a nice day BYE FELICIA

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