Rap veteran Bow Wow is out here proving you can win even when you lose. The hip-hop artist has announced last year’s “Bow Wow Challenge” trend has turned into a TV show.

Bow Wow went to Instagram Wednesday (April 4) to make the major announcement.

“I did that day because I have a show coming,” Bow Wow told radio host DJ Drama when asked if he took notice of the hashtag Bow Wow challenge. “It’s confirmed. Like, well, I’ll show you off-air. It’s confirmed. When the sh*t happened, my mom hit me first – ‘What the f**k did you do?’ And I’m in the hotel watching the game, chilling. I’m like, ‘What’re you talking about?’ ‘You was on a plane or something, what you did?’ I was like, ‘What do you mean? I was on a plane.’ She said, ‘But nah, they’re trying to say you wasn’t on a private plane. … But you never put on your caption you were on ‘that’ plane.'”

Last year, social media flamed the rapper with savage #BowWowChallenge memes.

Recently, Bow Wow announced plans to put together a new album inspired by the word “suicide.”

A couple weeks ago, Bow Wow released a suicidal-sounding IG post.