Former Cash Money Records rapper Bow Wow has confirmed buzz and speculation about partnering up with music mogul Diddy‘s Bad Boy.

Bow Weezy confirmed the big power move on Instagram Friday (September 25).

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Bow Wow announced his departure from Cash Money Records back in May.

Bow Wow also released a video to explain the motivation behind his decision.

“First and foremost, let me say this, I got so much love and respect for Birdman,” Bow Wow said in the clip. “This is the man who took the risk on signing me, not only that, but a person who opened up his space to me. We had so many ill conversations that I take to heart – what this is is me waking up, looking at myself in the mirror and just analyzing myself and asking, ‘What is is that you want out of your career?’ I got everything in pocket. I’ve got so much music that needs to be heard and wants to be heard – I think it’s unfair. I’ve been quiet now for four years, I wouldn’t say nothing, I wanted to make sure the time was right – I felt I had to part ways.” (Paper Chaser Dot Com)

Back in 2012, Bow Wow assured fans he still had close-knit ties with Cash Money

“Yeah man, of course, of course,” Bow Wow said when asked by DJ Whoo Kid if he is still down with Young Money. “We all get asked that question. People see so many different crews around the hip-hop clique up. We are all our own individual artists with our own unique way of getting it how we’re getting it. It’s hard for us to always be together so from the outside looking in, a lot of people say we’re always distant but really to us, really we’re not. We always know where everybody is at all times. For me, I’m in this situation to where I can’t leave New York. I’m here full-time now. I was in Miami, that’s where we all lived at. Me, Wayne, Stunna. So now that I’m here, Nicki’s on ‘American Idol,’ she’s hosting ‘American Idol,’ I’m on BET, so, everybody’s all over the place getting it in.” (Whoolywood Shuffle)

Bow Wow previously credited moving to Miami and solidifying his Cash Money for improving his life.

“Moving to Miami helped me. It helped me find myself as a man. Now things are coming naturally. I’m in Cash Money Records, a place I wanted to sign with. Now I am at my peace, and when peace is in my life I am at my best. That’s when it’s real scary for my competition, because then I feel I am invincible,” Bow Wow said in an interview. “[What’s it like with the YMCMB family?] They aren’t only good people, but good artists as well. We all help each other out, so as long as we do that we can make the label and brand even bigger. That’s what we are about.” (Daily Nebraskan)

Bow Wow officially joined Cash Money in 2009.