Rap veteran Bow Wow might have some serious explaining to do. New footage has emerged showing him looking overly aggressive on his girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie prior to their publicized fight.

New surveillance footage has emerged and paints Bow Weezy as a super jealous boyfriend.

Bow Wow was enraged at his girlfriend before their violent fight, forcefully snatching something from her, cornering her and getting all up in her grill … according to a surveillance video obtained by TMZ (TMZ)

Earlier in the week, Kiyomi hinted at the truth coming out on what went down between her and Bow Wow.

A few days ago, Geto Boys’ Willie D compared Bow Wow’s injuries to R&B singer Rihanna’s now-infamous 2009 attack from ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

This week, Bow Wow returned to Instagram with a modeling pic following his weekend arrest.

The same day, reports emerged surrounding Bow Wow’s weekend altercation with reality TV star Leslie Holden.

Leslie — who appears on “Growing Up Hip Hop” — claims Bow Wow was pissed she was talking to another man at the party, and lit into her about it when they got home. In the police report, obtained by TMZ, Leslie says Bow Wow hit her in the head, pulled her by the hair, dragged her from her bedroom … and told her to get the hell out. For his part, Bow Wow acknowledged being pissed about the other guy … telling cops she “disrespected him” by hanging “all over another man’s body.” (TMZ)

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