It’s finally Friday but with the weather brick af, everyone is staying indoors. Fortunately, streaming giant TIDAL has come to the rescue with a grip of fresh content. Watch Fat Joe and Dre’s “Pick It Up” music video and behind the scenes content below. Then take a look at Damian Marley‘s “Speak Life” video. If you have time to spare, end it with Cardi B‘s exclusive, must-see “I’m Here Muthaf*cka” documentary.

Fat Joe & Dre’s “Pick It Up” Video & BTS

Damian Marley’s “Speak Life” Video

“The track itself sounds pretty dark,” says Marley, “and just knowing his track record, he’s done a lot of work with artists who have a certain dark, gothic kind of energy. Knowing that it was his beat, I said ‘I kinda want to make a point of speaking life.’ It’s almost like I’m talking to other artists, and telling them say “Yo, speak life! How you talking about so much death?” And in the last part of the song I say “all this darkness don’t feel right.” (TIDAL)

Cardi B’s “I’m Here Muthaf*cka